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Part of the On Track collection

13 specially commissioned pieces which aim to breathe new life into the GCSE/Key Stage 4 Music Ensemble Performance syllabus.
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Part of On Track, UYMP's Education Volume for Key Stage 4.

This gentle music was written in the autumn of 2005, and is one of a series of pieces for young players Gilbert produced around that time. The U and the Go are instruments used in Korean traditional ceremonial music. The first is a hand-held pipe-organ which the player blows into; the second a small flat double-headed drum. The music is written in the most common of the Korean scales, with just 5 pitches, and although the one genuine Korean melody, the well-known Arirang, only appears at the very end, one can hear anticipations of it all through the earlier music.


3 minutes
3 Variable Instruments in C/B flat, 1 Drum
Composition date


16 October 2009

London New Wind Festival, Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill, London

 London New Wind Festival Players including Catherine Pluygers (oboe), Philip Edwards (clarinet), Robert Coleridge (piano)