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Some Say

solo piano

Anthony Gilbert 2009

'Takes Three...'

trumpet, cello and piano

Jeremy Dale Roberts 2006

A Birthday Toast

any number of melody instruments

Jo Kondo 2006

A tree dances for Orpheus

2 treble lines in C, keyboard or harp

David Lumsdaine 2006


flexible ensemble of 5instruments

Luís Tinoco 2006


harp and guitar

Jo Kondo 2006


two treble lines in C or Bb

John Stringer 2006

From Across the Sea

two flutes and clarinet

Thomas Simaku 2006

Gone Clubbn'

violin and cello

Matthew Roddie 2006

Matthew's Mazurka

piano duo (1 piano 4 hands)

Ed Hughes 2006

On the Run!

clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Sadie Harrison 2006

Piece for Luis and Justin

flexible ensemble (2 treble lines, guitar and bass part)

David Blake 2006