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'Takes Three...'

trumpet, cello and piano

Jeremy Dale Roberts 2006

A Birthday Toast

any number of melody instruments

Jo Kondo 2006

A tree dances for Orpheus

2 treble lines in C, keyboard or harp

David Lumsdaine 2006


flexible ensemble of 5instruments

Luís Tinoco 2006


harp and guitar

Jo Kondo 2006


two treble lines in C or Bb

John Stringer 2006

From Across the Sea

two flutes and clarinet

Thomas Simaku 2006

Gone Clubbn'

violin and cello

Matthew Roddie 2006

Matthew's Mazurka

piano duo (1 piano 4 hands)

Ed Hughes 2006

On the Run!

clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Sadie Harrison 2006

Piece for Luis and Justin

flexible ensemble (2 treble lines, guitar and bass part)

David Blake 2006

Swing Slow

two treble lines in Bb or Eb

Paul Mealor 2006