Wessex Heights George Nicholson

60 mins
2001 to 2009

Voice, accompanied Voice(s) & Larger Ensemble

series of chamber works for soprano, flute(=piccolo), oboe, clarinet(=bass clarinet), horn, 3 percussion, piano, violin, viola and cello

Programme note

Wessex Heights is a series of eight chamber works inspired by the writings of Thomas Hardy. The pieces may be performed separately or in any combination. When the complete set is played, the following order of performance is recommended:

  • Embers [soprano, oboe, clarinet, horn, vibraphone, violin, viola, cello]
  • Shailing and Wambling [viola, cello]
  • Volte-face [soprano, flute, oboe, violin]
  • Groundswell [clarinet, horn, 3 percussion, vibraphone, piano, violin, viola, cello]
  • Catch [flute, clarinet, vibraphone]
  • Idyll [soprano, flute, bass clarinet, piano, viola, cello]
  • For Tess [soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet(=bass clarinet), horn, vibraphone, piano, violin, viola, cello]
  • Along upon [soprano, flute(=piccolo), clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin, viola, cello]

The duration of Wessex Heights is about an hour.

© George Nicholson