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As long as forever is: Two Songs of Dylan Thomas

for tenor and piano

David Lancaster 2024


for soprano and organ

George Nicholson 2024


for soprano and piano

George Nicholson 2024

A Child's Grace

for oboe, voice and harp

David Lumsdaine 2023

The Farmstead

for voice and two cellos

Elisabeth Lutyens 2023

'I kiss the earth'

for soprano and left hand piano

Sadie Harrison 2022

In Darkness

for five voices and bass clarinet

Evis Sammoutis 2022

The Twin Trials of Heracles

A Monodrama for bass-baritone and small ensemble

Part 4 of a tetralogy

David Blake 2021

I am in love with every star in all the galaxies

for soprano and piano

Sadie Harrison 2020

Sueños robados

for tenor and piano

Hilda Paredes 2020

Fogo (Fire)

female voice and piano

Luís Tinoco 2019

Narcissus Reflects

A Monodrama for tenor and small ensemble

Part 3 of a tetralogy

David Blake 2019