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City in the Sea

For soprano solo and orchestra

Chris Noble 2022

When the Flame Dies

SMCtTBar soli, ensemble and electronics

Ed Hughes 2012


baritone, ensemble and live electronics

Hilda Paredes 2011

Three Songs Tennyson Sung

soprano and seven instruments

[also available for soprano and piano]

Jo Kondo 2011

Encantos, 2010

soprano and chamber ensemble

Anthony Gilbert 2010

For Tess

soprano and nine players

George Nicholson 2009

Wessex Heights

series of chamber works for soprano, flute(=piccolo), oboe, clarinet(=bass clarinet), horn, 3 percussion, piano, violin, viola and cello

George Nicholson 2009

Missa Pacifica

soprano solo, SATB choir, brass band and organ

Anne Boyd 2008

Queens of Govan

chamber opera for mezzo soprano, recorded voices and 15 instruments

Nigel Osborne 2008


soprano or mezzo-soprano and nine instruments

[recorder may be played by flute & piccolo; 3 violins may be 2 violins & viola]

Anthony Gilbert 2006

La Corona

tenor and eleven strings

Ed Hughes 2000

Three Pictures of Elmet

two sopranos, alto, baritone and 9 instruments

Sadie Harrison 1998