This girl is dead Evis Sammoutis

Text/libretto by
Ursula Vaughan Williams
5 mins

Voice, accompanied Voice & Piano

1 Soprano, 1 Piano

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soprano and piano

Programme note

Sakellarides and Sammoutis are representatives of a younger generation and are composers who have connections to Greece and Cyprus. Both of their contributions to the Finding Ursula Vaughan Williams collection were originally conceived as larger works, though as autonomous songs the contributions may be performed as part of a varied programme of UVW settings.

Sammoutis’s dramatic ‘This Girl is Dead’ was originally conceived as part of a two-part work entitled Ghost Shadows, in which the song is preceded by a setting of ‘Fearing Apparitions’ from the Fall of Leaf collection (1943). The subject matter and music of his settings relate to create a ‘united narrative’. He expands the text through repetition of individual words or phrases and his settings are characterized by theatrical gestures and colourful extended techniques. (Lee Tsang, 2010)

Beverley Minster, 15th April 2010
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