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The poetry of Ursula Vaughan WIlliams (1911-2007) has an enduring place in the history of English verse. As a poet and librettist who collaborated with many composers, including her husband Ralph Vaughan Williams, she contributed uniquely to twentieth-century British music. A versatile author, she wrote three novels and the classic biography R.V.W..

This volume collects together new songs for voice and piano on Ursula Vaughan Williams' poetry, in a variety of styles.

Nicola LeFanu Finding, for baritone 
Jeremy Dale Roberts Spoken to a Bronze Head, for mezzo-soprano /soprano 
Alastair Borthwick Time being, for baritone / tenor 
Leonidas Sakellarides Place, for soprano 
Leonidas Sakellarides Elegy, for soprano 
Anthony Payne The Headland, for baritone / mezzo-soprano / countertenor
Thomas Simaku Need for Speech, for soprano 
Evis Sammoutis This girl is dead, for soprano 
Richard Tsang There must be time for grief, for soprano 

All songs are with piano

Edited by Lee Tsang and Philip Venables.

UYMP and the editors are very grateful for generous support for this book from The Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust.