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Canciones Lunáticas was commissioned by Internationales Musikfestival Heidelberger Frühling in 2009.

It was written for Jake Arditti (Countertenor) and the Arditti Quartet (Irvine Arditti & Ashot Sarkissjan, Violines, Ralf Ehlers, Viola, Lucas Fels, Violoncello).

Songs II and III were premiered on 17th April 2009 at the Festival. The first song was written later for the 80th birthday of our dear friend Leo Hepner. The third song is dedicated to Sonia Simmenauer who commissioned the work and made this project possible.


20 minutes
Pedro Serrano

Songs II and III: Jake Arditti and the Arditti Quartet, Internationales Musikfestival Heidelberger Frühling, 17th April 2009

1 Countertenor, 2 Violin, 1 Viola, 1 Violoncello
Composition date


Cuerdas del Destino Jake Arditti, Arditti Quartet 10th February 2015


15 June 2023 Grosser Festsaal Chipperfield-Bau, Kunsthaus Zürich

Jake Arditti (counter-tenor) and the Arditti Quartet - Irvine Arditti (solo violin)

6 May 2023 Offenbacher Landstr.190, 60599Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Grow Quartet, with Zvi Emanuel-Marial (countertenor)

3 February 2023 Wigmore Hall, London, W1U 2BP

Jake Arditti (countertenor) and the Arditti Quartet

Gran Cadenza: Irvine Arditti 70th Birthday

6 June 2022 Pierre Boulez Saal, Französische Straße 33 D, 10117 Berlin

Jake Arditti (countertenor) and Arditti Quartet

28 September 2021 Hans Huber Saal, Stadtcasinos Basel Switzerland

Jake Arditti Countertenor and the Arditti String Quartet

15 June 2021 Hans Huber Saal, Stadtcasinos. Basel, Switzerland

Jake Arditti (counter-tenor) and the Arditti Quartet - Irvine Arditti (solo violin)

22 May 2021 Boulez Saal, Französische Straße, 33 D 10117, Berlin

Jake Arditti, counter-tenor and the Arditti Quartet

14 September 2019

Beethoven-Haus, Bonn

Jake Arditti (countertenor) and the Arditti Quartet

10 November 2018

Kurhaus, Badenweiler

Jake Arditti (counter-tenor) and the Arditti String Quartet

16 October 2014 Templo de la Valenciana Jake Arditti (counter-tenor), the Arditti String Quartet
16 August 2014

Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh

Arditti Quartet, Jake Arditti (countertenor)

24 May 2014

Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City

Jake Arditti (countertenor), Arditti Quartet

9 December 2012

Washington Library, Cindy Pritzker Auditorium, Chicago Library, Chicago

Julia Bentley (mezzo soprano), Spektral String Quartet

16 September 2012

Ishibashi Memorial Hall, 4-24-12 Higashi Ueno Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8642

Jake Arditti (countertenor), Arditti Quartet

18 November 2011

Festival d'Autumne, Amphitheatre de l'Opera de la Bastille, Paris

Jake Arditti (countertenor), Arditti Quartet

29 October 2011

Mozart Saal, Konzerthaus, Wien, Austria

Jake Arditti (countertenor), Arditti Quartet

2 July 2011

Herrenhaus Edenkoben, Stuttgart, Germany

Jake Arditti (countertenor), Arditti Quartet

3 February 2011

Wigmore Hall, London

Jake Arditti (countertenor, Arditti Quartet

17 April 2009

Musik- und Singschule Heidelberg: Kirchstraße 2, 69115 Heidelberg

Jake Arditti (countertenor), Arditti Quartet