Sadie Harrison’s 'Allah Hu' recorded at the Royal Academy of Music’s Contemporary Viola Sessions

We are delighted that the superb violist Katherine Clarke recorded the solo viola piece Allah Hu! (God is great) at the Royal Academy of Music’s YouTube forum The Contemporary Viola Sessions (April 2019). You can listen to the performance here:

Sadie writes: 'Allah hu is the central movement of a work entitled Dast be Dast (Hand to hand in friendship) which was commissioned by the American ensemble Cuatro Puntos for their violist Kevin Bishop, and for Samim Zafar, a student rubab player at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music in Kabul. Dast be Dast celebrates the diversity of Afghan and Western music-making, with both instruments exploring improvisation alongside notation, controlled imitation with spontaneous elaboration, and Western tonality within Afghan scales. The complete work was premiered by the dedicatees, Kevin and Samim on 23 June 2014 (joined by tabla player Madhurjya Barthakur) at the French Cultural Centre in Kabul. Allah hu! is a meditative movement for solo viola, based on a specific interpretation of the traditional melody sung as a lullaby by Veronica Doubleday in 2004. The work was recorded by Kevin Bishop for Toccata Classics (TOCC0342) on the album The Rosegarden of Light. 

Sadie and Katherine have collaborated on a number of pieces, most recently Cantare et trepidare for singing violist, premiered as part of the Borough New Music Concerts last year. More information can be found at and

(24 Apr 2019)

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