Choir & Organ Magazine Features Robert Saxton and Jonathan Clinch

Page 9 of the January issue of Choir & Organ magazine featured an interview on the collaboration between Jonathan Clinch and composer Robert Saxton. Clinch notes that the collaboration began during lockdown, as the two began to explore the possibilities of the digital organ software Hauptwerk. These comissions eventually culminated in a recent recording in which 5 of Saxton's organ works are intertwined with solo music by J.S. Bach. Clinch explains that "preparing the Saxton has changed the manner in which I've played the Bach as much as the Bach has changed the way I play the Saxton. For the listener, I hope this demonstrates the ways in which this "new" music relates to the past, but also how "new" Bach's music can appear".

Further detail about the issue can be found here.

The recording and accompanying booklet notes can be accessed here.