Luís Tinoco – 'The Blue Voice of the Water' broadcast on Radio Belgrade

On August 16, Belgrade Radio broadcasted Luis Tinoco’s The Blue Voice of the Water, Cello Concerto and Frisland on its programme Muzika Viva, hosted by Ksenija Stevanović.

Belgrave Radio writes, ‘The Blue Voice of the Water was jointly commissioned by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra. The musical narrative of this piece relies on deep historical ties between Portugal and Brazil. Specifically, Tinoco evokes the ocean that separates the two countries in which the Portuguese language is used, but with different and recognizable accents. The works of the Brazilian poet Manoel de Barose, as well as verses from the Bird Compendium collection, inspired Tinoco: "The voice of the water has a blue accent." This verse motivated Tinoco to compose this work and mimic various subtle change of blue - from darker to brighter on the spectrum; diving into the depths and surfacing, sprinkled with sunny rays. You will hear that this work has been influenced by film music, a wide range of saturated frequencies are presented, and a masterful use of the symphony orchestra's capabilities is noticeable.’

Here at UYMP, we would like to congratulate Tinoco on another wonderful broadcast of works from his CD, The Blue Voice of the Water.

(19 Aug 2018)

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