Luís Tinoco – Meet the Artist interview

In association with Luís Tinoco’s new CD The Blue Voice of the WaterMeet the Artist has conducted and subsequently published an interview with Tinoco.

This interview has allowed Tinoco to reflect on what and who inspired him to take up a career in music and ultimately composing. He was also asked what challenges and successes he had so far faced in his career, both compositionally and when working with certain musicians and ensembles. Tinoco then talks about his compositional language, how he works and even which work he is most proud of to which he answers, ‘that’s a difficult question as I tend to change my relationship with each piece as time passes by.’ When asked what his definition of success is, Tinoco responds that ‘professionally, success means having the opportunity to work with musicians, ensembles, stage directors, choreographers, librettists, etc., whose work one considers to be at the highest artistic level. On a more personal level, I always find that success should mean achieving our standards as artists. I mean, to be as close as one can be to finishing a score with the feeling that its quality as a work was accomplished and is quite satisfying. Not getting closer to what I consider to be the desired quality for a musical work, then that is my definition of failure.’

To conclude, Tinoco is asked to impart some words of wisdom to aspiring musicians, to which he replies, ‘well, apart from the obvious “work hard” advice, I would add self-criticism, nonconformity, the will to dare and to be curious, this last one including a true curiosity (and also respect) for other musicians’ work.’

This interview has provided a fascinating insight into the compositional life of Luís Tinoco and can be read in full at the Meet the Artist website, here.

(23 Jul 2018)

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