James Weeks: new CD release – windfell

Dr James Weeks’ major work for singing violinist, windfell, has been released on the leading British experimental music label Another Timbre. Written for and performed by Canadian violinist Mira Benjamin, windfell debuted in October/November 2017 at concerts in London and in Durham University’s Klang series. Lasting almost an hour, windfell arose from

‘an image of the violin surrounded by space and open air: on top of a hill, high-up and remote, played only by the wind. On this ‘wind fell’ the breeze moves over the instrument’s surfaces, sets the open strings in motion; leaves brush across the strings as the wind catches them. A sounding-out of the instrument, its body and materials, by the natural environment in which it rests.’

windfell can be ordered or downloaded from http://www.anothertimbre.com/weekswindfell.html (where there is also an interview with the composer about the work), and the score ordered from UYMP: https://www.uymp.co.uk/composers/james-weeks/works/windfell.

(28 May 2019)

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