20th London New Wind Festival goes International!

UYMP is very pleased to report that Catherine Pluygers has announced the programme for the 20th London New Wind Festival, which for the first time is featuring international composers.

Within this concert, the work 'Autumn Wind' for Wind Quartet, written by our house composer Luís Tinoco, will be performed. We wish all of the performers every success for this concert and hope that many of you will take the opportunity to attend this unmissable event.



"20th London New Wind Festival goes International!"

 Friday 22nd September 2017


Regent Hall

Salvation Army

272 Oxford Street

London W1C 2DJ


Simon Desorgher (Flutes), Catherine Pluygers (Oboes), Phil Edwards (Clarinets),  Henryk Sienkiewicz (Horn), Glyn Williams (Bassoon), Alan Tomlinson (Trombone), Robert Coleridge (Piano).


*First Performance

**First European Performance

*Hugh Shrapnel Sonatina for Horn and Piano (revised)

Heather Pease Her Royal Highness Fanfare - a variation of the Last Post for Horn and Trombone

*Maura Capuzzo (Italy) Un Quasi Lento Giro Di Vento for Wind Quintet

**Cecilia Franke (Sweden) "The Myth of Vineta" for Wind Quintet"

**Victoria Malawey (USA) In Memoriam for Wind Quintet

**Jordan Nobles (Canada) Tides for Wind Quintet

**Richard Mathuis (USA) Snakes, Lizards and Bugs for Woodwind Quartet and Electric Piano

*Catherine Pluygers Metropolis for Full Ensemble and Electronics

**Anna Veismane (Latvia) Homage to Claude Debussy for Solo Clarinet

 Kaija Saariaho (Finland) Noa Noa for Flute and Electronics

Luis Tinoco (Portugal) Autumn Wind for Wind Quintet

**Acacio Piedade(Brazil) Ghost Joke forWoodwind Trio. 


 Tickets at door £8 (5)


(14 Sep 2017)

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  • ‘The Scream’ for String Orchestra - Thomas Simaku – World Premiere

    Based on Edvard Munch’s iconic painting, Thomas Simaku’s new work, The Scream, will receive its world premiere in Cambridge on 17 November 2017. It will be performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by King’s College Director of Music Stephen Cleobury. 

    Of this substantial piece lasting 20 minutes, Thomas Simaku writes:

    ‘The iconic painting by Edvard Munch was the main impulse for writing this piece - hence the title. Its “silent scream” whose echo spans (and can be heard) well beyond the painting's time and frame, struck a chord with me for its resonance with our modern times.

    In no way programmatic, the music here focuses on the concentrated form of expression that emanates from the space, the colours, and the gritty intensity of the “deafening silence” in Munch's painting.


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