Emily Pedley-Laws wins the Agnes Heron Cup performing Sadie Harrison’s 'Idyll' for solo left hand piano

Congratulations to Emily Pedley-Laws for her success in the Cambridge Competitive Music Festival this year where she performed house composer Sadie Harrison’s solo piece for left hand piano, entitled Idyll: The World Within. The piece was written for virtuoso Nicholas McCarthy and featured as part of the PASTURE & STORM PROJECT: New Repertoire for left hand alone pianists. It featured on the Prima Facie PFCD193.

Sarah Laws writes: "Emily is 12 years old, and has been learning the piano since the age of 3 with Betty Power of Cambridge Suzuki Young Musicians. She is home educated and also plays the cello. She took part in the Cambridge Competitive Music Festival this year, performing Idyll: The World Within in the post-romantic category and was awarded the Agnes Heron cup."  Regarding learning the piece, Emily says: "This piece was quite interesting to learn, as I had not played anything like it before. It was quite fun working out how to do things like play multiple layers in just one hand, and figuring out what to bring out was at some points quite challenging! Performing a piece like this was a bit extraordinary as no-one else was playing anything like it, and it stood out in a good way quite a lot”.