The Shipwrecked Ghost Stef Conner

The Shipwrecked Ghost cover
Text/libretto by
Traditional/John Clare, ed. Stef Conner
9 mins

Voice, accompanied Voice(s) & 4-7 Instruments

1 Mezzo Soprano, 1 Flute, 1 B-flat Clarinet, 1 Percussion, 1 Violin, 1 Violoncello

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for mezzo soprano, flute, clarinet, percussion, violin and cello

Programme note

Commissioned by Dark Inventions for their Firewheel project, part of the Sound and Music ‘Composer Curator Scheme’. Premiered by Dark Inventions at The Engine House, Manchester, 8th May 2014.

This piece is based on the traditional melody ‘The Lover’s Ghost’ (also known as ‘The Grey Cock’), JEFDSS 1953, as sung by Mrs Costello (Birmingham, 1951); recorded by the BBC; transcribed by Patrick Shuldham Shaw.

The lyrics of ‘The Shipwreck't Ghost’ were written down, and probably written by, the poet John Clare (1793-1864). Transcribed from Peterborough MS. A7 p.33a and set to the traditional melody ‘The Lover's Ghost’ (also known as ‘The Grey Cock’) by George Deacon, published in John Clare and the Folk Tradition by Francis Boutle © George Deacon London 2002 & 1983. Reproduced by kind permission of the author and edited and arranged by Stef Conner.

More information on John Clare can be found through the John Clare Society:

Dark Inventions, The Engine House, Manchester, 8th May 2014
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    Firewheel Anthology

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