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Musical echoes, from Vaughan Williams to Stravinsky to Aghanistan and beyond, are woven into Harrison’s works, each glittering in their intensity.

Fiona Maddocks, The Guardian

This collection of works [Solos and Duos for Strings and Piano] by Sadie Harrison is a vivid exploration of the miniature. No single movement exceeds four minutes and the shortest is just 24 seconds, yet these five magnetic works explore content and form with a dazzling intensity.

Kate Wakeling, The BBC Music Magazine

Laced with flourishes and ornamentation, the score [The Bride's Journey in Three Songs and a Memory] preserves and honours its source material with sensitivity and integrity of a high order.  The players' poetic instincts were seized by the score's imagination and creativity, resulting in a reading of delicacy, precision and grace.

Paul Conway, Music Opinion of a uniquely physical and spiritual presence.

Dansk Musik Tidskrift

Rhythm and lyricism held in perfect balance.


Hit the repeat button on your CD player and let the whole disc spin two or three times. Metier has accomplished something quite remarkable with Harrison's amazing music and the Bakhtar's vibrant playing. Indisputably one of this year's best.

La Folia, USA

[The Light Garden is] ...without question one of the top recordings of the year, a ground-breaking release...

Musical Pointers

NMC has struck gold! A wonderful sequence which held us enthralled, playing the programme through with only one brief pause; a marvellous 'concert' which builds on the legacy of Bartok's Kodaly's pioneering collecting long ago, giving 'cross-over' a new and enriched meaning; one to which we will return.

Musical Pointers

Intense concentration is the first concept to come to mind when listening to this music. Not so much the concentration required of the listener, though there is undoubtedly such a requirement, as this is not 'easy listening' by a distance, but the sense of distillation, of the concentration of the essence of a musical argument. Sometimes the textures are exceedingly open and deceptively simple; sometimes a good deal of surface activity serves to illuminate the emotional intensity flowing just beneath. The combination of surface sensuality and intense and rigorous content produces tensions that constantly fluctuate and flow, drawing the listener into a slightly uneasy sound world, individual and unusual.

Records International

...a compelling, distinctive, and passionate compositional voice.


Sadie Harrison's unique fusion of elements from indigenous Lithuanian music and poetry with her own modernist, often abrasive style, have led her to be compared with Bartok, but her underlying empathy with the local people of this war-torn country shines through with a poignancy and warmth all of her own.


...this is distinctive, pungent music that demands close attention.

The Guardian