Short Cuts (h) Luís Tinoco

Short Cuts (h) cover
8 mins
2014 to

Small Ensemble

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saxophone octet

Programme note

Short Cuts original version was commissioned by the Apollo Saxophone Quartet with
funds made available by the Arts Council of England North West - First performed by
the Apollo Saxophone Quartet at the Union Chapel, in London, 1st of December

Short Cuts (h) was arranged in May 2017 to be performed by the Ensemble de
Saxofones da Metropolitana, conducted by João Pedro Silva, during the EurSax’17 -
2nd European Saxophone Congress, in Porto – July 2017.

The work also exists in 5 other versions:

Saxophone quartet

Saxophone quartet, piano and percussion

Wind and percussion chamber ensemble

Clarinet quartet and percussionist

Percussion quartet

  • 14 Jul 2017 | 3:30pm |

    EurSax17, Big Auditorium of the Porto Music Conservatoire, Porto, Portugal


    Ensemble de Saxofones da Metropolitana, conducted by João Pedro Silva