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Canções de Trabalho: Work Songs

for voice and orchestra

Score: M-57036-996-6

Parts: M-57036-997-3 (available soon)

Luís Tinoco 2023

Das Murmeln der Zeit

for large ensemble

Luís Tinoco 2022


for solo alto saxophone and orchestra

Luís Tinoco 2022


for percussion trio (two vibraphones and three percussionists). 

Luís Tinoco 2021


for solo violoncello


Luís Tinoco 2021

Short Cuts (j)

for marimba and string quartet

Luís Tinoco 2021


for violin, clarinet and piano

Luís Tinoco 2020

Dos Ramos à Raiz

for clarinet and string quartet

Luís Tinoco 2020

Fogo (Fire)

female voice and piano

Luís Tinoco 2019

American Nocturnes

wind orchestra

Luís Tinoco 2019

Entre Silêncios

for clarinet and orchestra

Luís Tinoco 2019

O Caminho de Teseu (The Way of Theseus)

saxophone and wind orchestra

Luís Tinoco 2018