The UYMP office is operating with very limited hours while staff are on furlough. You can still obtain music from our catalogue in the usual way, from, and hire from our agent Wise Music Classical. Please contact UYMP composers directly, via their own websites, if you have any queries.


Satoko Inoue Presents Jo Kondo’s New Works For Piano Satoko Inoue 1st November 2019
Jo Kondo: Syzygia; Snow's Falling/Craig Pepples: Pine Cones Fall Ensemble Nomad 18th September 2018
Choral Works Ku (Mixed Chorus), Vox humana, Akatsuki (Female Choir) - Ryuta Nishikawa (conductor) 1st January 2017
Bonjin. Chamber Music Ensemble L'Art pour L'Art 9th September 2016
Irony Percussion Group The Hague September 2013 Globe, Netherlands, GLO-5086
Jo Kondo: Surface, Depth, and Colour Nomado ensemble conducted by Sato Norio 7th November 2012
Weave: Eve Egoyan Piano Eve Egoyan, Piano 2012 EVE0106
Pianthology Nicola Losseff (piano) 8th May 2008 NMCD181
Hesitation-Tango: Tango Collection, 1890-2005 Aki Takahashi (piano) November 2007 Camerata Records
Canons + Hoquets Quatuor Bozzini 1st January 2007 CQB 0704
Mulberry, In the Woods, In Summer The Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, cond. Paul Zukofsky 2007 Nexus CP2 123
Orient Orientation 7th May 2006 ALM Records, Tokyo, ALCD-67
Hagoromo London Sinfonietta cond. Paul Zukofsky, Teresa Shaw (mezzo-soprano), Tomoko Shiota (narrator), Sebastian Bell (flute) 2004 Musical Observations, Inc (CP2 117)
Crossfade Paul Hoffmann (piano), Tom Goldstein (vibraphone) 18th December 2001 Capstone Records CPS-8691
Works for Piano Satoko Inoue (piano) January 2001 Hat Hut Records, Switzerland - hat(now)ART 135
Lullaby Bob Becker (Steel Pan), Leigh Howard Stevens (Marimba) 2001 Nexus Records (USA) Nexus 10612
Tree Line - New Music from Canada and Japan Vancouver New Music Ensemble January 2000 CBC Records, Canada, MVCD-1109
A Prospect of the Sky Ensemble Nomad 2000 ALM Records, Tokyo ALCD-57
Till Now And From Now On Kiyonori Sokabe, Chiyoko Noguchi, Toshiro Nakagawar 1999 ALM Records, Tokyo, ALCD-50
Chamber Music Ensemble L'ART POUR L'ART 1998 Hat Hut Records, Switzerland
hat[now]ART, 110
Gardenia Ensemble Nomad 1998 ALM Records, Tokyo ALCD-47
The McGill Percussion Ensemble, dir. Pierre Béluse The McGill Percussion Ensemble, dir. Pierre Béluse 27th September 1996 Radio Canada International, RCI-652
Near and Far The Cambridge New Music Players, Paul Hoskins (conductor) 1996 ALM Records, Tokyo ALCD-45
Min-On Contemporary Music Festival 1990 The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Tadaaki Otaka 1995 Camerata Records
Chaconne Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, cond. Dimitri Demetriades 23rd February 1994 Japan Mandolin Society, MTK-003
Hunisuccle 1994 Fontec, Japan FOCD2515
Keyboard Music Druvi de Saram, piano; Noriko Yasuda, organ and Hiroki Yamashiro, trumpet 1994 ALM Records, Tokyo ALCD-44
Messages for the 21st Century, Vol.3 Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa, Hiroyuki Iwaki (conductor) 1994 Deutsche Grammophon, POCG-1947C
Music Today Selections 1992 WWCC 7107/10-2 (4CDs)
In Yokohama Musica Practica Ensemble 1991 ALM Records, Tokyo ALCD-36
Pendulums Sumire Yoshihara 1990 Fontec FOCD 3421