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for guitar

Hilda Paredes 2024


for violin, horn and piano

Hilda Paredes 2023

Can Silim Tun

for vocal quartet and string quartet

Hilda Paredes 2023

Seed of Time

for horn, piano, violin, viola, and violoncello

Hilda Paredes 2023

Tlapitzalli 2

for flute (doubling alto) and percussion  (tam-tam, cymbal, triangle, wood-block, guiro, snare drum, vibraphone, tom-toms, temple blocks)

Hilda Paredes 2023

The Hearing Trumpet

for flute, oboe (=cor anglais), bass clarinet (=Eb clarinet, A clarinet), bassoon, horn in F, percussion and strings

This work will be available after the premiere in February 2024.

Hilda Paredes 2023

Agamemnon takes a bath

for baritone, trombone and piano

Hilda Paredes 2022


for orchestra

Hilda Paredes 2022


for bass flute and paetzold

Hilda Paredes 2022

Three Pieces for Harpsichord

for solo harpsichord

Hilda Paredes 2021


for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, and electronics

Hilda Paredes 2021


for solo piano

Hilda Paredes 2020