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As the Latin title itself suggests, Catena is a chain of musical events linked by a network of relationships at various levels, musical or otherwise.

Written for Joe Houston, with whom I have collaborated for a good number of years now, the piece consists of five contrasting movements played without a break. Highly contrapuntal in texture, it explores in details the expressive and virtuosic potentiality of the piano, covering a wide spectrum of colours and textures. Each movement follows its own path and textural format, beginning with an ostentatiously static quality of the first and culminating with the total disintegration of the chain in the final movement. 



13 minutes

Joseph Houston, Nijmegen Festival of Modern Music, The Netherlands, 24th November 2019

1 Piano
Composition date



Joseph Houston

Quatuor Diotima

November 2020 BIS records


24 November 2019

Nijmegen Festival of Modern Music - The Netherlands

Joseph Houston (Piano)