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Three Dances is based on the Greco-Romano tripartite representation of Diana-Selene-Hecate, known as Diana Nemorensis.

Representations of the goddess feature on several coins, one the most celebrated being a denarius minted by Publius Accoleius Lariscolus in September–December 43 B.C. It shows her three manifestations standing within a cypress grove surrounded by her typical attributes - a bow and quiver, a clasped open gown and flowers or cereal, possibly poppies or wheat. Each movement is prefaced by a quotation which highlights a characteristic interpreted within the music. The piece was written especially for Diana Mathews and is dedicated to her with admiration.

I: Diana
'She carries a quiver on her shoulder, and overtops all the other goddesses as she walks'
Virgil, Aeneid 1. 494 ff.

II: Hecate
'Hecate whose name is howled by night at the city cross-roads.'
Virgil, Aeneid 4. 609 ff.

III: Selene
'Daughter of Helios, Mene [Selene] of many turnings.'
Nonnus, Dionysiaca 44. 198 ff

The work was premiered by Diana Mathews on 19th August 2013 at St. James’ Piccadilly, London.


6 minutes

Diana Mathews (viola), Lunchtime Concert Series, St. James' Piccadilly, Lunchtime Concert Series, 19th August 2013

1 Viola
Composition date


9 October 2019

St Matthew’s Church, Westminster

Katherine Clarke (vla)

7 July 2017

St. James, Piccadilly

Katharine Clarke (viola)

6 June 2017

Milton Court Concert Hall, London

Katherine Clarke (viola)

1 June 2016

All Saints Church, Hertford

Diana Mathews (viola)

19 August 2013

Lunchtime Concert Series, St. James' Piccadilly

Diana Mathews (viola)