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Part of the Songspin Songbook collection

A genre-defying collection of songs for female vocal trio, written for Juice Vocal Ensemble.

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The Anglo Saxon riddles are perhaps more familiar to us than the source from which this riddle is taken (Symphosius). I have always sought opportunities to set Latin and given the international character of the summer school for which it was written, Latin was a useful lingua franca.


From on high I come in prolonged downpours

From heaven I have dropped, passed through the air

But earth’s bosom has taken me in.


Water was I once which I’ll be again I think

I am bound by heaven’s unbending chains

When trod upon I cannot last, nor when bare be held.


First performed in July 1998 by Trio Mediaeval on the Hilliard Summer School at St. Johns College, Cambridge.


2 minutes
Trio Mediaeval, Hilliard Summer School at St. Johns College, Cambridge, July 1998
2 Soprano, 1 Alto
Composition date


Songspin Juice Vocal Ensemble 13th June 2011


1 July 1998

Hilliard Summer School, St. Johns College, Cambridge

Juice Vocal Ensemble