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Part of the Songspin Songbook collection

A genre-defying collection of songs for female vocal trio, written for Juice Vocal Ensemble.

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Dream of You sets Morag's own poem and was commissioned by Juice for performance in a late night concert, 'the witching hour', in York Spring Festival, May 2004.

The poem describes a dream in which a single night with someone is remembered. The compositional aim was to set the words as they came without repetition, and not to repeat any musical material either. This was to try to recreate the strange familiarity of this dream and attempt to let it unfold in ‘real time’; to be as fleeting as the original night itself.


Dream of You

I dream in the colours of your words, all inky emerald greys and marbled petrol blues.

Melancholy bells try to rouse me, but I am wrapped in the soft click of your whispering kisses.

Blinking I roll away, the onyx place I find to walk in silently is calling.

There I feel the hum and tinkle of your ideas, crackling and crunching under my feet and fingertips, sparkling in my hair.

My dreams of you are all I have.

Words © Morag Galloway, reproduced with permission.


2 minutes
Morag Galloway

Juice Vocal Ensemble, 'the witching hour' at York Spring Festival, University of York, 3rd May 2004

2 Soprano, 1 Alto
Composition date


Songspin Juice Vocal Ensemble 13th June 2011


3 May 2004

York Spring Festival

Juice Vocal Ensemble