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Part of the Songspin Songbook collection

A genre-defying collection of songs for female vocal trio, written for Juice Vocal Ensemble.

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A cuckoo called:

I looked towards the sound,

but only the moon 

of the dawn 

was there.

Fujiwara Sanesada. Translation by Geoffrey Bownas and Anthony Thwaite from ‘The Penguin Book of Japanese Verse’ (Penguin Books 1964, Revised edition 1998, 2009). Reproduced by permission of Penguin Books Ltd.

I had an animalistic expression of madness in mind for this piece. The Japanese tanka above seemed to encapsulate the idea of madness associated with the moon ('lunar'= 'lunacy') and with cuckoos.


5 minutes
Fujiwara Sanesada (trans. Geoffrey Bownas and Anthony Thwaite)
Juice Vocal Ensemble, 'the witching hour' at York Spring Festival, University of York, 3rd May 2004
1 Soprano, 1 Mezzo Soprano, 1 Alto
Composition date


Songspin Juice Vocal Ensemble 13th June 2011


3 May 2004

York Spring Festival

Juice Vocal Ensemble