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Commissioned by Satoko Inoue.


5 minutes 40 seconds
Satoko Inoue (piano), Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall, 1st March 2009
1 Piano
Composition date



11 June 2016

Toppan Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Yumiko Segawa (piano)

15 November 2015

Alter Stadthaussaal, Winterthur, Switzerland

Satoko Inoue (piano)

13 November 2015

The Japanese Cultural Institute, Cologne, Germany

Satoko Inoue (piano)

3 November 2014 Café-montage, Kyoto, Japan Hiroaki Ohi (piano)
19 October 2014 Ryogoku Monten Hall, Tokyo, Japan JO KONDO Hiroaki Ohi (piano)
17 March 2013

Kiin Hall, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo

Satoko Inoue (piano)

4 March 2013

Ryogoku Monten Hall, Tokyo

Satoko Inoue (piano)

27 March 2011

"Jo Kondo Piano Works, 1990-2011", Opera City Recital Hall, Tokyo

Satoko Inoue (piano)

26 May 2010

'9th Mersin International Music Festival', Mersin Culture Hall, Mersin, Turkey

Satoko Inoue (piano)

24 May 2010

Turkish-Japanese Foundation Culture Center, Ankara, Turkey

Satoko Inoue (piano)

18 May 2010

Borusan Music House, Istanbul

Satoko Inoue (piano)

1 March 2009

Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall, Tokyo

Satoko Inoue (piano)