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Standing was commissioned and written in 1973 for Ensemble Ark, and premiered by this Japanese group the same year in Tokyo. The instrumentation is free, only subject to the restriction of “three instruments of different families,” and it has been played by many different instrumental combinations; In the premiere the combination was flute, marimba and piano. This work is one of my first compositions based on the idea of ‘Sen no ongaku’ (‘linear music’), music composed in such a way that the whole structure derives from a single melodic line.

© Jo Kondo


8 minutes
Ensemble ARK, Tokyo, 1973
1 Unspecified Ensemble
Composition date



20 March 2020

TV Control Centre, Athens, Greek


5 December 2019

Keller Hall, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Ensemble from UNM

11 November 2017

Tachiki Ongakudo, Ohtsu, Japan


23 June 2017

Jubilee Hall, Aldeburgh, UK

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

Claire Booth (soprano), Oliver Knussen (conductor)

1 March 2016

Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Music Auditorium, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia

Greywing Trio

24 April 2014

Greenfield Hall, Manhattan School of Music, New York

Members of Manhattan School of Music

15 June 2013

Lille, France

Dedalus Ensemble

25 January 2013

Concertgebouw (kleine zaal), Amsterdam

Nieuw Ensemble

19 April 2012

Mazzoleni Concert Hall in Ihnatowycz Hall, The Royal Conservatory, Toronto

The Glenn Gould School New Music Ensemble

9 March 2012

Morioka Civic Cultural Hall, Morioka, Japan

Kana Kotera (euphonium), Takui Matsumoto (cello), Michiyo Haneishi (piano)

20 February 2012

Sumida Triphony Hall, Tokyo

Kana Kotera (euphonium), Takui Matsumoto (cello), Michiyo Haneishi (piano)

8 November 2011

Bradshaw Theatre, Toronto

Rebecca van der Post (violin), Stephen Clarke (piano), Rick Sacks (percussion)

13 March 2011

CBSO Centre, Birmingham

Claire Booth (soprano), Birmingham New Music Group cond. Oliver Knussen

18 April 2010

Music Gallery, Toronto

Array Ensemble

28 March 2010

Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Ives Ensemble

16 September 2009

Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum, Boston, USA

Callithumpian Consort

21 June 2008

SICPP, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, USA

Faculty & fellows of SICPP

8 March 2008

De Link, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Nieuw Ensemble

1 December 2007

Korzo Theatre, den Haag, The Netherlands

Ensemble Royal cond. Kristian Karlson

24 November 2007

Bludenz, Austria

Nieuw Ensemble

8 October 2007

Treat Hall, Takamatsu, Japan

Tomomi Ohta (accordion), Juri Tomita (piano), Rie Watanabe (percussion)

6 October 2007

Piccolo Theatre, Amagasaki, Japan

Tomomi Ohta (accordion), Juri Tomita (piano), Rie Watanabe (percussion)

29 September 2007

Avance Hall, Saga, Japan

Tomomi Ohta (accordion), Juri Tomita (piano), Rie Watanabe (percussion)

22 September 2007

Iruma Bunkasogo Atelier Hall, Iruma, Japan

Tomomi Ohta (accordion), Juri Tomita, (piano), Rie Watanabe (percussion)

16 September 2007

Higashikumin Bunka Centre, Hiroshima, Japan

Ensemble Akka

21 May 2006

Pacific Rim Concert, Island Music Guild Hall, Bainbridge Island, WA, USA

Island Soundscape Players

12 May 2006

Sala Nezahualcoyotl, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City


10 November 2005

The Lula Lounge, Toronto

Array Music

3 April 2005

Walter Hall, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto

University of Toronto Percussion Ensemble cond. Robin Engelman. Guest artists: Arraymusic (cond. Henry Kucharzyk), Trevor Tureski (percussion), Emma Elkinson (flute), Kyoko Ogoda (marimba), Andrei Streliaev (piano).

25 September 2004

'Schreyahner Herbst' Festival, Schreyahn, Germany

Tokyo Sinfonietta