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Commissioned by 'Group 3, Marimba'.


15 minutes
Atsushi Sugawara, Mariko Okada, Mutsuko Taneya, Tokyo, 1977
3 Marimba
Composition date


6 February 2021 Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Ensemble Nomad

21 July 2016

Die Orgelfabrik, Durlach, Karlsruhe, Germany

Trio KAI

8 July 2012

Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, cond. Paul Zukofsky

21 June 2008

SICPP, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, USA

Faculty & fellows of SICPP

3 April 2005

Walter Hall, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto

University of Toronto Percussion Ensemble cond. Robin Engelman. Guest artists: Arraymusic (cond. Henry Kucharzyk), Trevor Tureski (percussion), Emma Elkinson (flute), Kyoko Ogoda (marimba), Andrei Streliaev (piano).