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Commissioned by Minshu Ongaku Kyokai.

Recorded on 32CM-190.


12 minutes
Osaka Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra cond. Tadaaki Otaka, Osaka (Min-On Festival), 1990
2 Flute, 1 Flute (=alto flute), 1 Flute (=piccolo=alto flute), 4 Oboe, 4 B-flat Clarinet, 4 Bassoon, 4 Horn in F, 4 Trumpet in B-flat, 4 Tenor Trombone, 2 Bass Trombone, 3 Percussion, 1 Orchestral Strings
Composition date


Mulberry, In the Woods, In Summer The Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, cond. Paul Zukofsky 2007 Nexus CP2 123
Min-On Contemporary Music Festival 1990 The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Tadaaki Otaka 1995 Camerata Records


7 October 2004

Suntory Hall, Tokyo

Keita Kosaka (piano), Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra cond. Paul Zukofsky