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979-0-57036-747-4 common ground – Full score Available at MusicRoom Buy now (£5.95)


The material of this piece (‘the ground’) is divided into 14 short, numbered segments. Each player independently chooses an ordering of these segments, beginning with one of the three entry-point segments (nos. 1-3, marked *).

Each player plays through their individual sequence of the 14 segments, with short gaps of 1-4 secs between each segment. In addition, one longer gap of around 20 secs should be inserted by each player.

One player should begin alone, followed by the second and third players at 10-15-second intervals.

During the whole piece, each player should act completely independently of the others: avoiding synchronising pulse or aligning tuning.


10 minutes
1 Violin, 1 Viola, 1 Violoncello
Composition date
2013 to 2014


Signs of Occupation Plus-Minus Ensemble 9th September 2016