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'Alla Luna', composed in January 1981, is a setting of two texts by the 19th century
Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi. Like Wordsworth, he was inclined to draw
philosophical conclusions from his contemplation of the natural world, but Leopardi’s
view was very much that of a man who saw himself as an outcast from society: he
developed a cerebrospinal condition and continued throughout his life to suffer severe
distress as a result of his deformity. In fact, some critics have cited this as a reason for
his obsessive interest in the moon, since by night he was able to go abroad with
confidence in the knowledge that he could not be seen. I used two poems which are
typical of Leopardi’s response to events in nature. The work was commissioned by
the GLAA Young Musicians’ Scheme with funds provided by the Greater London
Arts Association.



12 minutes
Giacomo Leopardi

GLAA Young Musicians Scheme with funds provided by the Greater London Arts Association.


Jane Ginsborg, Mark van der Wiel and Richard Balcombe, Leighton House, London, 17th March 1981

1 Soprano, 1 B-flat Clarinet, 1 Piano