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SONETTO was commissioned by Jakob Fichert for his project, 'A 21st Century View on Liszt', and is based on Liszt's Petrarch Sonnets from Années de pèlerinage, Deuxième année: Italie. SONETTO was premiered on 14th April 2019 in the Besbrode Pianos Steinway showroom, Leeds.


5 minutes 30 seconds
Jakob Fichert, 14th April 2019, Besbrode Pianos Steinway showroom, Leeds
1 Piano
Composition date
2018 to 2019


12 March 2020

St Paul's Hall, University of Huddersfield

Jakob Fichert

10 March 2020

Cardiff University Concert Hall

Jakob Fichert

14 April 2019

Besbrode Piano Shop, 39 Holbeck Lane, Leeds, LS11 9UL

Jakob Fichert