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Part of the Songspin Songbook collection

A genre-defying collection of songs for female vocal trio, written for Juice Vocal Ensemble.

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A lesser-known work by the formidable English composer, drawing on her serial tendencies and use of sparse, carefully-considered textures. The text is from F. Marten’s ‘Voyage To Spitzbergen’, originally published in 1694, which describes in detail a whaling trip and meteorological/geological observations of the Norwegian island and its surroundings.  

First original performance, unknown. First performed by Juice in December 2008 at St. James’ Piccadilly, London.


7 minutes
F. Marten 'Voyage to Spitzbergen'
2 Soprano, 1 Alto
Composition date


Songspin Juice Vocal Ensemble 13th June 2011


1 December 2008

St. James’ Piccadilly, London

Juice Vocal Ensemble