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Au Lapin Agile - for flute and guitar

for flute and guitar (guitar transcription by Philip Thwaite)

for flute and piano version, see 9790570800582

full score, with separate flute and guitar parts included

David Lancaster 2023

Au Lapin Agile - for flute and piano

for flute and piano

for flute and guitar version, see 9790570800599

full score, with separate flute part included

This work will be available soon.

David Lancaster 2023

Syrinx 2.0

for solo panflute

Evis Sammoutis 2023

Narrow Path

solo flute

James Weeks 2013

Soliloquy V (b) - Flauto Acerbo

solo flute doubling alto flute

Also available for alto doubling tenor recorders (1 player): Soliloquy V.

Thomas Simaku 2008

The Delirium of My Desire

solo flute

Luís Tinoco 2006


treble recorder and guitar

Anthony Gilbert 1997

Three Expositions

solo flute

Sadie Harrison 1997