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Αίολος - Aeolus

for bass clarinet and string orchestra

Evis Sammoutis 2024

Canções de Trabalho: Work Songs

for voice and orchestra

Score: M-57036-996-6

Parts: M-57036-997-3 (available soon)

Luís Tinoco 2023

Ανεμώτις - Anemôtis

for panflute and orchestra

Evis Sammoutis 2023

City in the Sea

For soprano solo and orchestra

Chris Noble 2022

Clarinet Concerto (Sky Blue)

Concerto for clarinet and orchestra.

Ed Hughes 2022


for solo alto saxophone and orchestra

Luís Tinoco 2022

Acertijo de marfil

solo piano and orchestra

Hilda Paredes 2020

Of Trumpets and Angels

soprano solo, SATB chorus, and orchestra

David Lancaster 2019

O Caminho de Teseu (The Way of Theseus)

saxophone and wind orchestra

Luís Tinoco 2018

Horn Concerto

solo horn and orchestra

Matthew Roddie 2016

Concertino for Flute and Orchestra

flute and orchestra

Laurence Roman 2014

Ends Meet (marimba (or accordion) and string orchestra)

marimba (or accordion version, available from 2023) soloist and string orchestra

Luís Tinoco 2014