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for soprano, alto, percussion, violin, guitar and electronics

Hilda Paredes 2018


opera for 11 singers/actors and orchestra

David Blake 2015

Evil Machines

12 singers and orchestra

Luís Tinoco 2008

Queens of Govan

chamber opera for mezzo soprano, recorded voices and 15 instruments

Nigel Osborne 2008

The Birds

10 voices, actor, cello, percussion and electronics

Ed Hughes 2005


Opera in one act for mezzo-soprano, narrator, dancer, solo flute, female chorus, and orchestra

Jo Kondo 2000

The Beginning of the Day (children's opera)

children's voices, percussion and piano

Anne Boyd 1998

Isis and Osiris Op.74

Lyric Drama for 8 voices and orchestra

Elisabeth Lutyens 1996

The Goldfish Bowl Op. 102

Ballad Opera for soloists, chorus and orchestra

Elisabeth Lutyens 1996

The Numbered Op. 63

Opera in Prologue and Two Acts

for 13 singers, 2 trebles, 3 male speakers, mixed chorus and orchestra

Elisabeth Lutyens 1996

The Feast That Went Off With A Bang

opera for children and clarinet, horn and piano

Ed Hughes