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La tierra de la miel

soprano, percussion, guitar and piano

Hilda Paredes 2015

Evil Machines

12 singers and orchestra

Luís Tinoco 2008

The Lonely Wife (I)

soprano, flute and percussion

David Blake 2002

Scoring a Century - a musical entertainment

10 singers/actors and small orchestra

David Blake 1999

The Fabulous Adventures of Alexander the Great

soloists, chorus and orchestra of young people

David Blake 1997

Infidelio Op.29

Seven Scenes for soprano, tenor and 7 instruments

Elisabeth Lutyens 1996

Like A Window Op.109

actor/actress singers, flute and cello

Elisabeth Lutyens 1996

One And The Same Op.97

scena for soprano, speaker (actress), 2 female mimes (one preferably a dancer), 1 male mime, and ensemble

Elisabeth Lutyens 1996

The Linnet From The Leaf Op.89

Music Theatre for 5 singers and 2 instrumental groups

Elisabeth Lutyens 1996

The Waiting Game Op.91

3 scenes for mezzo-soprano, baritone and orchestra

Elisabeth Lutyens 1996

Time Off? - Not A Ghost Of A Chance! Op.68

baritone, actor, vocal quartet, 2 mixed choruses (min. 16 voices) and ensemble

Elisabeth Lutyens 1996

Tuba Mirum

tuba, three mimes and tape

Trevor Wishart 1978