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Seed of Time

for horn, piano, violin, viola, and violoncello

Hilda Paredes 2023

The Farmstead

for voice and two cellos

Elisabeth Lutyens 2023

Three Pieces for Strings

any number of orchestral string instruments (at least 16)

James Weeks 2017

Chant for East Timor

string orchestra

Luís Tinoco 2004


11 string soli

Thomas Simaku 2004

Palace of the Winds

11 solo strings

Anthony Gilbert 2003

Pas de deux

string ensemble

Thomas Simaku 2002


12 string soli

Thomas Simaku 2000

Quickstep and Slow Ending

15 strings

Jo Kondo 2000

Still Life

8 violins

Jo Kondo 2000

Threadbare Unlimited

8 instruments

Jo Kondo 2000

The Love Affair

for singing violinist


Sadie Harrison