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string quartet & NASA recordings

Sadie Harrison 2019


choir, four soloists (2 sopranos, 2 altos) and fixed media

Evis Sammoutis 2019

Looping Busker Music

clarinet, accordion, guitar, violin (all amplified) and tape

James Weeks 2014

Return of the Nightingales

solo piano and nightingale

Sadie Harrison 2014

Three Trios

piano trio with 1-3 portable PA systems

James Weeks 2013

Vox Volume

4 amplified voices, quadraphonic tape and electronics

Trevor Wishart 2009

óoxp'éel ik'il t'aan

trumpet, percussion, multi-channel tape and live electronics

Hilda Paredes 2008

A Través del Granizo

piano, harpsichord and tape

Hilda Paredes 2007


orchestra and tape

Ed Hughes 2007

Páramo de voces

piano and CD

Hilda Paredes 2006

Aria for Edward John Eyre

soprano and ensemble

David Lumsdaine 1997

B-B-Berlin Berlin

MIDI grand piano, violin, viola, cello, tape and live electronics

Glyn Perrin 1997