Why is gender still an issue in music? - Hilda Paredes

On 23 November, 2017, at the Creative Arts Building in Huddersfield, Hilda Paredes will participate in a panel which will address why gender is still an issue in music and how the music community can work to break down these barriers.

Alongside Hilda Paredes, this panel will include Patricia Alessandrini, Liz Dobson and Marlo de Lara who will offer their perspectives on these issues in relation to composition, music technology and production, performance and musicology.

This panel will take the form of a roundtable discussion and will consequently address the subject of gender in music through an intersectional lens. The discussion will cover current discourse around these issues, as well as strategies to address the current inequalities that exist in contemporary music, including the particular difficulties posed by music technology, and notions of how to break down hierarchies in the production, presentation and education of new/experimental musics.

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(5 Oct 2017)

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