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Paredes has carved out a distinctive reputation on both sides of the Atlantic as a composer of great vision and individuality. She successfully combines an extensive palette of diverse influences, from her Mexican cultural heritage to modernist European composers such as Ligeti, via Mozart, whose economy of means has had a profound effect on her for several decades.

She also draws upon her interests in northern Indian dance, renaissance vocal writing and the structure and rhythm of indigenous languages, particularly those of Mexico, such as Mayan. Paredes was recently awarded the coveted Guggenheim Fellowship in New York, following previous fellowships from the Arts Council of Great Britain and the Rockefeller Foundation, and University teaching posts in Manchester, Mexico, San Diego and Spain. Of her work, UYMP holds several solo string pieces, a piano quintet and some larger ensemble works.

"...through Hilda Paredes' superior expertise Ah Paaxo'Ob shone with all its artistic tricks of the trade by assembling, as it were, polished raw material." - Frankfurter Rundschau 

(1 May 2005)

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