"Sublime" premiere of Tinoco's Cello Concerto

The recent premiere of Luis Tinoco's Cello Concerto, performed by Filipe Quaresma and the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pedro Neves, has received excellent reviews in 'O Público' and 'Diário de Notícias.'

Manuel Pedro Ferreira gave the "sublime" performance five stars in O Público, writing that "Luís Tinoco has succeeded in writing a piece that is recognizably his, which honours tradition in a challenging manner and which, in its coherence and its novelty, opens horizons to the imagination." He discusses the narrative of this "complex and suggestive score", describing the relationship between soloist and orchestra and providing illuminative interpretations of the music. His full review can be found here.

Meanwhile in Diário de Notícias, Bernardo Mariano wrote:

"It's a concert in autumnal tones, never distant from concepts such as elegy, litany and even threnody. The work reveals great consistency, achieved through successive evolving environments, in a spectrum tight with contrast and, in its materials, plenty with organic derivation (melodies, harmonies, intervals, rhythms). The solo writing is concertante, therefore in straight dialogue with the orchestral fabric, and the solos often suggest the freely improvised reverie. In one and another environment / conceptions, Filipe Quaresma was, on the one hand, attentive and reactive, and on the other hand, imaginative."

These reviews came from the performance on 19th February at the Centro Cultural Belem, Lisbon. The premiere took place on the 18th February at the Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Almada.

(24 Feb 2017)

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