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Sadie Harrison’s ‘ the air..’ released on Prima Facie ASC Records

We are delighted that Sadie Harrison's the air.. for solo piano has been released on the Prima Facie ASC Records label. The CD is the culmination of Duncan Honeybourne’s Contemporary Piano Soundbites, a project created during lockdown as fundraising to support Help Musicians UK.

Honeybourne writes that the objective of this project ‘is to harness the zeitgeist of our present situation, to bring comfort and enjoyment to a large ready-made audience stuck at home, to aid musicians badly affected by the “cultural lockdown” and to add to the contemporary repertoire, creating an artistic keepsake of this extraordinary phase in our lives. Contemporary Piano Soundbites is a collection of solo piano miniatures composed, directly or indirectly, in response to the 2020 coronavirus crisis.’

Sadie writes: Whilst the title of the piece makes reference to the aerial transmission of the virus, it is meant primarily to express a feeling of quiet unsettledness, where drifting melodic fragments and harmonies come to rest momentarily before floating away again. The piece was written as a gift for Harrison’s mother for her birthday on 12 April.

‘ the air..’ was premiered online as part of the Weymouth Lunchtime Chamber Concerts Series on 2 May 2020 and will receive its first live performance on 21 October 2020.