Portuguese Music Information Centre’s Interview with Luís Tinoco

As part of the Portuguese Music Information Centre’s December 2018 newsletter, an interview with UYMP’s house composer Luís Tinoco was published.

This interview began by talking to Tinoco about his roots and education; asking him about his musical roots and which moments of his music education he felt were the most important. This then moved into a section on his influences and aesthetics where Tinoco was questioned about which past and contemporary references, extramusical sources and non-Western cultures are present and influence his musical writing. Leading from this, Tinoco was asked to talk about his compositional techniques, his musical language and how he uses technology, space and timbre within his works within a language and musical practice segment. Specifically reflecting on the aims and audience of the Portuguese Music Information Centre, Tinoco was then asked to discuss his opinions on Portuguese music; what the present situation was, how composers influence Portugal’s musical traditions and the differences between the music environment in Portugal and other parts of the world. This interview closed by asking Tinoco about his present and future projects. Tinoco was finally asked how he saw the future of art music. He responded by stating that despite ‘a certain fear and scepticism’ which surrounds this future, ‘music, if it is truly art, will always have good arguments to find its own paths and survive any danger.’

To read the full interview, please click here.

(17 Jan 2019)

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