‘Pianthology’ goes interactive with TIDO

UYMP is excited to announce that an innovative, interactive version of the piano collection Pianthology is to be released by Tido Music.  This is the first release from the UYMP catalogue on Tido.

Tido has launched a new, interactive version of this piano collection of 7 contemporary pieces of music, which are for students of Grade VIII to Diploma standard and are ideal for the final recital of a degree. 

Tido Music is an inspirational, all-in-one resource and learning tool for pianists and singers of all abilities, available as an iPad app and via desktop browser. Scores on Tido Music are optimised for digital devices and synchronised to professional audio recordings, enabling users to listen, adjust the tempo if they wish, and practise with the recording.

A range of annotations are available to mark up and personalise the scores, and in-built metronome and recording tools make practice more efficient, convenient and rewarding.  Thanks to Tido’s proprietary technology, the app even listens to users as they play and turns the pages of the score automatically!

Pianthology includes a written introduction by its editor and performer of the recordings Nicky Losseff, in addition to descriptions of each piece by its composer.  Losseff, who held a Senior Lectureship at the University of York until recently and who has an active career as a concert pianist, has written extensive performance and analysis notes on all of the works, giving helpful suggestions about the study and performance of each piece in turn. The anthology is aimed at university and conservatoire level piano students, but will serve as an excellent introduction to new music for the piano for any dedicated player looking to broaden their range.

The pieces in the volume are: Six Postcard Pieces (David Lumsdaine), Impresa Amorosa (Sadie Harrison), A Dance for Piano, “Europeans” (Jo Kondo), Papillon Postcards (Anthony Gilbert), Orchid 3 (Ed Hughes), Des pas chromatiques – hommage à Debussy (Thomas Simaku), Caligrama (Hilda Paredes).  The printed collection, and the individual pieces, may still be purchased from UYMP, via its distributor Musicroom.com. 

‘Pianthology’ complements the range of piano music currently available on Tido, which encompasses core repertoire by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and John Cage, amongst many other composers. Much of the repertoire is accompanied by exclusive performance and masterclass videos from professional pianists, who share practical and artistic insights on the works.

Access to Tido Music is via monthly subscription. All subscribers receive a 30-day free trial before rolling on to monthly payments of £4.99. Subscribers may cancel during their free trial and won’t be charged.

UYMP is delighted to be working with Tido and wishes them all the very best for the launch of Pianthology.

(8 Nov 2018)

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