Nicholson and Wishart at CeNM@S launch

Eminent UYMP composers Trevor Wishart and George Nicholson have performances in Sheffield this month, to launch the Centre for New Music at Sheffield.  CeNM@S aims to connect composers, performers and audiences.  The celebrations for this ‘Sound Lab Week' began with a performance of Trevor Wishart’s Encounters in the Republic of Heaven on Friday 20th April, accompanied by a pre-concert talk given by the composer.

Encounters is an 8-channel sound-surround piece based on speaking voices recorded in the North East of England, where Trevor Wishart was ACE Composer-in-Residence from 2006 to 2009, at the University of Durham.  The piece comprises 4 Acts and combines portraits of individual speakers with computer animation of an entire community of voices. 

The evening concert on Thursday 26th April at Firth Hall will include a short new work by George Nicholson, written for bass clarinettist Sarah Watts, pianist Jonathan Ayerst and the Sheffield Music Department's Associate Artists the Ligeti Quartet, as well as a performance of George Nicholson’s work Darkness Visible for bass clarinet and piano.  On Sunday 29th April at 3pm Sarah Watts will perform Nicholson’s 8-movement piece Soundings, for solo bass clarinet, at DINA.   

(25 Apr 2018)

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