Jo Kondo - 70th Birthday Concert

Here at UYMP, we are very pleased to announce that a chamber concert, on Tuesday 31st October 2017, will be held at the Tokyo Opera City to celebrate our house composer, Jo Kondo’s 70th birthday.

Jo Kondo has been hailed as one of Japan's most distinguished composers and his distinct style of composition was described thus: 'His music is characterised by a unique personality which synthesizes Japanese aesthetic sensibility and western harmonic structure. Perhaps there are echoes of Morton Feldman, the great American composer, but Kondo's music inhabits a far larger universe, at once serene and dynamic, at once contemplative and energetic.' To celebrate his 70th birthday and illustrious career, the Festival Ensemble will consequently perform the programme featured below in Tokyo Opera City’s Recital Hall.


Yokohama for two violin, bass flute and piano,

Sight Rhythmics for violin, steel drum, electric piano, banjo and tuba,

Near and Far for cello and piano,

Gardenia for violin, clarinet, vibraphone and piano,

The Shadow of a Shade for bass flute, viola, cello and piano,

Tryne for cello, euphonium and piano,

Helleborus for piano 4 hands,

Variations (Triskelion) for 8 instruments

(1 Sep 2017)

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