‘It’s a very beautiful disc!’ - Tinoco’s ‘Archipelago’ Odradek CD applauded by Radio France

Luis Tinoco’s new CD ‘Archipelago’ on Odradek ODRCD398 has been recommended highly by Radio France’s ‘France Musique’ ‘En Pistes, contemporains’ (Sunday 2nd February, 2020).  Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier called it ‘a very good disc produced by the beautiful Odradek’ and said that Luis Tinoco’s music contrasts with some other percussion music written in the 20th/21st centuries -  which is often a very easy repertoire and may try to create an impression (which sometimes hides a lack of inspiration).  The presenter says ‘But it is not the case with Luis Tinoco, who has not forgotten the melodies at the heart of his universe’.  

Short Cuts’ for percussion quartet is transmitted and Bruneau-Boulmier concludes by saying ‘It’s a very beautiful disc’.  You may listen to the full programme here: https://www.francemusique.fr/emissions/en-pistes-contemporains/actualite-cd-de-la-creation-hans-abrahamsen-oscar-strasnoy-luis-tinoco-johannes-maria-staud-80198

(11 Feb 2020)

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